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Air Pengolia
Vital statistics
Name Air Pengolia
Native name
IATA code {{{iata}}}
ICAO code {{{icao}}}
Founded January 5,2008
Commenced operations January 23, 2008
Ceased operations
Hubs Ulaansnowtar International Airport
Secondary hubs None
Focus cities Nome
Frequent flyer program PWNage Points
Airline lounge PengolianLounge
Airline alliance SkyAlliance
Subsidiaries None
Fleet 18
Destinations 18
Company slogan Fly the PWNage airline.
Parent company Pengolian Air Co.
Headquarters 1892 Penghis Khan Avenue, Ulaansnowtar

Air Pengolia is the state airline of West Pengolia. It operates domestic services to other states since 2008. The airline is partly owned by the state government. The carrier has 18 fleet.


In 2008, Penghis Khan created the airline with some former fleet of airlines, such as Air Antarctic. He bought 24 aircraft. He started with many Snowing 737s, and even a Snowing 747-200 at one time. Soon, the airline built a hub at Pengolia Airport. Since the separating of the the state of Pengolia into a Republic and a Communist state, the airline kept most of it's aircraft. the other airline, Aeroflore, has less "homemade aircraft (e.g Tapalav, Ilushin)


Air Pengolia offers a fleet of few planes ordered from Snowing.

  • Snowing 737-900ER (6) (international short/medium haul)
  • Snowing 757-200 (6) (international long -haul)
  • Airhail A319-200 (8)(international short-haul destinations)



First Pengolia is available on all flights operated by Air Pengolia. The class features seats made from genuine leather from Frostborough, and recline to 180°. There are PTVs by iQubo Entertainment and Audio by PengoliaRadio. The class also features free snacks, beverages, and meals. There is also FlyShop, supplied by various stores on-board all flights as well. All passengers have access to the PengLounge. There are also free shuttle services to many hotels at selected destinations


EconomyPengolia is available on all flights as well, operating by Air Pengolia. The seats feature seats made from fine polyester and cotton and recline to 120°, for penguins to relax on flights.There are PTVs by iQubo Entertainment and Audio by PengoliaRadio. The class as well, features free snacks, beverages, and meals. Unfortunately, passengers flying in this class do not have access to the PengLounge or free shuttle services.

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