Club Penguin Fan Universe

AirTerra Cargo is AirTerra's cargo airline subsidary. The airline has usually regular and some charter routes as well, the airline offers service to over 40 destinations across the continent and is currently the largest cargo airline in the UTR. The airline has 23 fleet, and has a main hub at New Club Penguin International Airport.


  • McDonnell Douzas MD-11 BCF (21)
  • McDonnel Douzas M-11 F (2)
  • Snowing 747-400BCF (8)
  • Snowing 777-200F (5)
  • Airhail A340-300F (6)
  • Snowing 747-300 (1)

Future Fleet[]

  • Snowing 777-200F (5)
  • Snowing 747-400F (4)


  • It is larger UTA's cargo airline and carries more cargo per year. It's also more reliable and loses less cargo.