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Vital statistics
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Gender Male
Race Penguin?
Faction Rebel?
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Status Status
Location Unknown

Agentgenius was a strange penguin. No-one knows where he came from, and no-one knows where he's gone.


He apeared sometime befor the Great Darktonian Pie War, but no-one knows when. It is rumoured that his birth cert was destroyed during the war, and it is true that there are no government records of him. Indeed, there are few records of him at all.

He got into many arguments, as he hated any form of prejudice. He tended to do things like going up to PSA agents and demanding that they stop 'hiding the truth'. He also claimed that Owcatraz was cruel and unusual. Peope were always telling him that was the point, but he claimed it was 'unconstitutional', though there is nothing in the document banning torture.

All those arguments caused rumours. Soon many people believed that he was a secret rebal leader, plotting to overthrow the South Pole Council. He was said to be a hacker, or a Walrus in descise. He was also said to be an amazing speechmaker, and anyone who heard him would instantly convert to his cause (though no-one ever seemed to have heard him actually make a speech...)

It was these rumours that led to his imprisonment. Darktan himself heard the rumours, and asked Agentgenius to help him raise an army. He refused, and grew rather angry since he hated all these rumours about him. Darktan was furious. He started even nastier rumours, rumours that he had commited terrible crimes. However, he misspelled his name, writing it 'AgentGenius'. You coud tell if Darktan started the rumour that way. However, no-one knew this, so people repeatedly tried to bring him to 'justice', and he was repeatedly imprisoned (and then released, of course.) Eventually he was imprisoned for a long time (several months) because 'Everyone knows he's guilty. You know it. I know it. He's gulity. Case dismissed!'. This annoyed him very much, and one day his cell just exploded. BOOM! Strangely, there was no burning, the explosion was of compressed air. His body was never found. It took ages for the truth (that he was innocent) to come out. He has, however, been officially retried and declared 'not guilty'.


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