Club Penguin Fan Universe

Tim Takeshidu
Vital statistics
Title Agent T
Gender Male
Race Adelie penguin
Faction EPF, PSA
Health Unmatched
Level Über Clearence
Status Assisting G
Location PSA HQ
Occupation Elitist
Interests Espionage
Friends PSA, EPF, Agent LJM
Enemies Sleeping Cobra
Archetype Good

Agent T (real name Tim Takeshidu, also known as Agent Turtle) is one of the best agents in both the Penguin Secret Agency and Elite Penguin Force. G asks him to test out different inventions, such as the Prototype Sled and the Snowcat, but not frequently asked to do missions, unless The Sleeping Cobra is on the loose. He is rumored to be the boyfriend of Agent LJM.


Agent T hatched into a family of espionage. His father was an agent, as was his grandfather. His mother was as well. From an early age, Agent T aspired to be a spy. He was granted Agent Clearence by his parents at a very early age, allowing him to learn about PSA matters such as Herbert P. Bear or Darktan at a very young age.

As he grew, it was clear that he was simply made for spying. He was given his rank as soon as he became applicable, and from there, it was nowhere but up. While many agents went around chasing the polar bear, it was because of Agent T's brilliance and gifted skills that he was assigned to stop the Sleeping Cobra from spreading his specific brand of villainy. Though he has made great progress, the Cobra is still at large. However, he is contained enough to not be on the Agency's list.

He was personally given Über Clearence by The Director in 2008 for his services.


Today, with the Cobra contained (for now), Agent T assists Gary in his laboratory, primarily as a test subject. He longs for the Cobra to return so that he may once again go out on missions.


  • He works most often with the EPF, but sometimes goes out as a PSA agent.
  • Unknown to him, Agent T's puffles are in the EPF's Puffle Force.
  • His best friend in the Agency is Agent N.

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