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Adventures of Fisch and Water Sensei are groups fo adventures between the two friends. Who knows what will happen?

Adventure 1:[]

The first adventure began a cloudy, rainy day, Fisch was walking to the Waterfall to train with his best friend, and sensei, Water Sensei. Luckily Fisch wore a hat, but still got soaked, he was welcoemd by Water Sensei.

"You know there's a door, don't you?" said Water Sensei, giggling at the soaked Fisch.

"I forgot....." said Fisch

"This will warm you up" said Water Sensei, giving Fisch some hot sauce, who quickly drank it down.

"Thanks Water Sensei" said Fisch as they began a card jitsu water battle. Water Sensei went first and scored one of Fisch's energy points, Fisch went and scored it back, back and forth, but Water Sensei eventually won.

"Good job" said Water Sensei wisely.

"Not to bad yourself Sensei, er, I mean Water Sensei" said Fisch

Water sensei smiled. "Here's your Water shoes" said Water Sensei "The vest, mask, helmet, and amulet to go." said Water Sensei.

To be continued...

Adventure 2: Mine Shack Crystals[]

Water Sensei was sitting next to the Waterfall as usual, playing the Lute. Fisch came too, after eating breakfast.

"You know, we have never been to the Mine shack together before! There are always things to do there...." He commented. Water Sensei nodded.

"Wonderful Idea. I have heard rumors that there are beautiful crystals there." They went there in excitement.