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(back when they were 5)

Corai: So 12yz12ab what we gonna do?

12yz12ab: Wanna invent a blaster 1000?

Corai: Inventing boring!

12yz12ab: -_- wanna go exploring?

Corai: Sure! *they leave*

12yz12ab: is that a puffle! What a specimen!

Corai: PUFFLES! *waddles over and hugs one*

12yz12ab: -_-

Corai: Bye Bye puffles! *follows 12yz12ab*

12yz12ab: Corai will you stop being obbesed with puffles!

Corai: Not soon!

12yz12ab: *facepalm*

Corai:............ Oh hi dara!

Dara: Hi!


Dara: Stop beign a schrooge!

12yz12ab: Am not!

Dara:....Ok fine.

Corai: Ha Ha Ha!

Willie: BWA HA HA HA!

12yz12ab: ?

Corai:What are you doing?

12yz12ab:Oh hi. And now,my latest and i think greatest prototype,the Transformer 1000!

Corai:What can it do?

12yz12ab:It can transform you into almost anyone. This prototype can only transform you into you or me.

Corai: *goes into the transformer 1000 and transforms into 12yz12ab* *comes out*

12yz12ab:*turns to the viewer* Which ones the real one?

Corai (In 12yz12ab's body):puffle! *waddles over to puffle*

Viewer: *points to real 12yz12ab*

12yz12ab: -_-

12yz12ab: Now to egt you back to normal....*pushes buttons and machien explodes* Puffles...

Corai: Im stuck in your body!??!?!?!?!?

12yz12ab: Dont panic....But yes.

Corai: *faints*

Dara: Wheres corai?

12yz12ab: *points at corai in 12yz12ab's body*

Dara: two of you? *faint*

12yz12ab: -_- *fixes transformer 1000*

3 hours later

12yz12ab: *Puts corai still fainted in machine and puts bakc to normal*

Corai: Wha happend?

12yz12ab: Im not saying, dont want you to faint again.

Corai: -_-