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The Adoption Center is a temporary home for chicks in Club Penguin.


Before the Adoption Center was opened, non-Mwa Mwa Penguins, or chicks were left in the Pet Shop. The need for a different location became apparent when people working in the pet shop became annoyed by babies. Plus the older and more nooby Mwa Mwa Penguins would sometimes bully the Chicks. The adoption center was opened on Christmas Day 2008 as a Christmas present to these 189 Bros..


The Adoption Center is a temporary home for penguins under 10 years old. Children can be dropped of at the adoption center by birth parents, but some careless parents leave their children on the street. The adoption center operates a team of 5 individuals to travel around Club Penguin and bring any abandoned babies and children to the adoption center. At the adoption center, children are cared for and educated (if they are old enough) by staff. Couples or individual adult penguins wanting to adopt a child may go to the adoption center and adopt up to five children.

The Center[]

  • Front Office is where adoptive parents wait and where the receptionist is located.
  • The Offices are where parents sign forms, and where many of the center's penguins work.
  • Nursery is where the baby penguins under 18 months old are taken care of.
  • Toddler's Nursery is where chicks under three play, and are taken care of.
  • The Commons Room is where chicks over ten play during their free time, there are toys, games, and a TV as well, many chicks meet their adoptive parents here.
  • The Dormitoriesis where chicks sleep at night,the dormitories are divided to a girl's and boy's dormitories.
  • The Classrooms are where the chicks learn things, such as science, math and language. The classes are divided in penguins age 3-5, 6-7, and 8-10)
  • The Infirmary is where sick chicks get cured or rest when they are sick, serviced by Dr. Danny Dulles and four nurses.
  • The Education Support Center is where chicks, who need Special education have classes at.
  • The Rehabilitation Center is where physically, and mentally abused penguins are treated by Chick Physological Workers.
  • The Speech and Reading Recovery Room is where special education chicks learn reading and learn speech.
  • The Community Room is where many disabled chicks are, they are taken care of and have special education.
  • The Adult Rehabilitation and Support Room is where adults have rehab, from Doom Weed, and for homeless adults and to teach adult penguins about reading and other things.

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Additional Locations[]

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