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Absurd Donuts, which belongs to Absurd Donuts Inc. is a company which sells donuts, and rivaled against progressing company Happy Day Donuts. The name is currently unknown of why so to use "Absurd".


In the late months of 2008, when winter was approaching, many penguins which said that Pengolia was doing a quarter of the food industry, they rivaled with them making donut company "Absurd Donuts", rivaled against Happy Day Donuts, a Pengolian set-up company. It set up a total of 28 branches and stalls in USA, half located in Pengolia itself. In the sunrise period, the company sponsored some events and also was trying to set up store in neighbouring republic Dorkugal, and also improving futher towards Freezeland and Auzua Mostafique.

Today, it is setting branches around the Antarctic contienent and spreading towards other islands.


These are the countries (and it's states) and total number of branches.

In 2007, there were 28 and as of now 55.

  • Dorkugal:10
    • They are located around the food-shopping floors and reside with others. As it is like the largest shopping mall in the world, it suprasses up to ten in one building, which is at Phi Island.
  • Freezeland:3
    • As they are USA's subsiding free-republic, it consists of three restaurants. Two are located in Freezeborough, one at a shopping mall and around the neighbourhood. The other is located among the snowy shores, where it only contains a single franchishee.
  • Auzua Mostafique:2
    • A commonly seen free republic of USA, it contains two. One is located in Bezul City, while the other resides in the beaches.

Future Branches[]

As it wants and main pouporse suprass Happy Day Donuts itself, it expends to MAI, and other unknown lands. As the Sub-Antarctic takes up the majority of the islands, it wants to locate a stall. Finding that there is no current government, Ice Berg Island and Tremour Island will likely to contain one. As reported that the first island will be remade into a metropolis, it does a head-start. While for the second, it does it for the ninjas out there.

MAI itself will contain two stalls, as it resides near Auzua Mostafique and have a strong, foreign relation.

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