Club Penguin Fan Universe
This tale has been told! It's done!

Abrc08: What are you doing here?
Abrc0X: Ripping up your important file.
Abrc08: Leave NOW!
(rips papers)
Abrc0X: Hahahaha!
Abrc08: Grrrrr
(Throws pizza slice)
Abrc08: Hahahaha!!!

(Abrc0X drinking juice)
Abrc08: Ewwww your drinking Blizzard's water!
(Abrc0X splurts out)
Abrc0X: You wretched freak!!! Thats my juice!
Abrc08: Yup, and i'm drinking it up.
(Abrc08 finishes and Abrc0X leaves
Abrc0X: *Insolent mega-gutless weirdo