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Abominable Snow Puffle

What the Snowpuffle might look like

The Abominable Snowpuffle is a supposed new type of Puffle species that resides in the mountains of Club Penguin. They are said to be almost the size of Polar Bears and eat whole O-Berry bushes in one bite.


The Abominable Snowpuffle legend started when Senseis would tell their students about things that lived in the mountains. One of these things was a huge white Puffle that could bite a tree in half, and could easily camoflauge in the snow. For awhile this was just thought by most penguins to be a myth. Until now.

Reports of huge, white puffles have increased, and some have even reported them near the Town. G was sure the first accounts were just Herbert, and Klutzy but is undecided about the new reports.


  • Sensei claims he's seen one of these huge creatures.