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Vital statistics
Type Condemned property
Level Was an amusement park
Location Off of Torn Highway, in Weddel, on the Shield Island side.
Inhabitants Supposedly, no one.

The Abandoned Mini-Amusment Park of Torn Highway is a condemned lot just off of Torn Highway. It went bankrupt in 2001 in conjunction with Torn Highway, was repossessed by the bank in 2003 and was abandoned. It eventually fell into disrepair and was deemed unsafe and condemned in mid-2003.

Then in 2010, a shady investor came and purchased the lot from the bank. Supposedly, he has done nothing with it except erecting a shack and digging a manhole-sized pit.


Once a major tourist attraction in Weddel, this amusement park went out of business in 2001 when Torn Highway was bypassed by Shield-Vead Highway and its visitor numbers plummeted.

The owner held steadfast until his property was seized to pay his debt and auctioned off to pay that debt. The bank couldn't sell the property to anyone, so they just let it sit there until it was condemned, further reducing the value to pretty much nothing, a true example of a fixer-upper. No one would finance such a loan to rebuild it. It was bought in full with cash by a robed land-grabbing goon in 2010, who has apparrently done little with the property whatsoever.


Since the purchase, little been reported, because virtually no tourist ever takes Torn Highway. However, the toy factory nearby has referenced strange occurences in the park, like capirote-wearing weirdos dragging a penguin past the park's rusty gates, locking them, and doing things. Black vans and helicopters are cited to have appeared in the area, too.

This place is considered to be an interrogation/confession center for the Inquisition and a den of Holyberden activity.

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