Club Penguin Fan Universe
Yuletide Woes
Vital statistics
Start 16 December.
End 16 December.
Prerequisites Finish all previous quests in the series.
Level 15
Location Lithe Row, West Yeti.
Rewards 5000 Fyrø
Previous Next
Yule Be Sorry None, last in series.

Bestowal dialogue[]

Unlike other quests in the series, Lobelia Sackville gives the bestowal dialouge.

"Well it seems your little plan worked! Fiddlesticks!"

"Another party ruined, no thanks to you. Why don't you go tell your good friend Hamfast what you've done here? No doubt he put you up to all this, what with his precious Marigold being sent up here to embarrass me so."


You were able to stop Lobelia's plan to keep all the best Yule-feast food for herself.

Objective 1[]

Gaffer Gamgee is outside his igloo down Lithe Row at the foot of the Hill.

You should tell Gaffer Gamgee about Lobelia's folied plans.

Quest Complete!


  • 5000 Fyrø
  • An invitation to the Freezeland Yule festival!!