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AMW, or Antarctican Motor Works is a Car Company.


This car company has factories all around the United Cities of Swiss Ninja. Snow Wagon was it's major competitor until the whole Swiss Motors fell to extreme bankruptcy.


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Sadly, SN's ego occupied him too much to realize his company was going under. In 2009, AMW, along with all the other Swiss Motors car companies, filed for Bankruptcy and recieved bailouts from Minister of Treasury Barrick Abanana. In return from sparing Swiss Ninja from going broke, he handed over most of Swiss Motors to the Government (namely Barrick), who then appointed a Car Czar to take control.

Galactic Empire12 was given control of the company. He had alot of work to do, and has already built factories in Trans-Antarctica, UnitedTerra, and West Pengolia. He's planning on expanding into Free Republics of the UTR and the USA. Also, he plans on creating two subsidaries; AMW MotorRad, and AMW UnitedTerra.

For now, he relies on funding from the UnitedTerra Parliament and West Pengolia (Penghis Khan loves AMW).


AMW series 1000 - first series, beautiful sports car that comes in the colors of Black, White, Red, Blue, and Grey.