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ACP II, also known as Sub-extension of ACP and Fugitive ACP, is the sub-army of ACP which consists of the ACP fugitives when they were locked up. They are exactly the same as their parent, just that only fugitives are in there. Sheepman is the current and only leader of the ACP II. It used to be the continuation of the locked up ACP to continue it's reputation and destroy STINC.


When the ACP was locked up, some had escaped from jail via a hole in the wall of the jail, The Hot Snow. Out of the 20-thousand members, only 500 escaped. To continue ACP's name, they made the army ACP II so that the government won't re-imprison them (since they know it's ACP still). The government allowed it as it may not be the actual ACP, since copycats like AACP and ACP2.

They tried to tell the government that STINC was impostering ACP and lied to them, but they did not allow them to speak to them, only in late 2008. The South Pole Council sent a spy to check if ACP II was lying or not. But it was false! They then imprisoned ACP II.

Even despite ACP being active again, aCP II continued being an independent army and did what ACP did. Only in June 2009 did they merge with ACP and is now a sub-section.


In 2008, ACP2 together with ACPX, AXP, PAXZ and ACP III sued ACP II and AACP for copying the name. The case was dropped by ACP2 after a financial crisis.

It also seemed like some STINC members were inside the ACP II as they had the official sign of STINC. It is still unknown as of now.

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