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For the island, see 90-150 Island.
90-150 Ice Shelf
90-150 Ice Shelf pic
90-150, the fringe of an ice shelf. The Island with Humana Cathedral can be seen in the distance.
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Vital statistics
Type Haunted Ice Shelf
Level -4
Location Trans-Antarctica, 90-150
Inhabitants Skua bosses, Banned Penguins, Ghosts, and many other unknown creatures.

90-150 is a strip of land that takes up part of Trans-Antarctica. It is infamous for being infested with Skua gangsters. It was thought to be haunted, however, after the formation of few shops, the area no longer became haunted. It is still part of the Uncharted State, though.



90-150 Ice Shelf, with a huge wave about to smash into the coast. The city of Ternville as well as the Southern Lights are in the background. And-- is that a skua up there?

90-150 was considered simply as an ice shelf, covering up to three colonies at once. When USA was formed, it became part of the Uncharted State rather than being part of Trans-Antarctica. Half of it later piled up with buildings and houses. Only half of the ice shelf remained barren then.


The ice shelf mainly consists of nothing except ice. A town was formed on the ice, consisting of an EFF/Taco Ball/Pizza 7 all-in-one stall,, a tall building that is both a Pengolian embassy and a residential building, a motel that mainly consists of citizens of the town and a broken lighthouse that is further away (the town is not near the water, so the lighthouse is useless). It is accumulated that a hundred penguins live here.

90-150 Mainland

The mainland of 90-150 Ice Shelf.

On the eastern area of the ice shelf, a small yet populated hotel resides. The hotel is intact but is empty.


The Town under the grey sky. The broken lighthouse could not be spotted.


A Rough Sketch of the broken lighthouse. Dosen't seem so "broken" to me, heh heh.


Skua bosses, Ghosts, Few Penguns and many other unknown creatures.

Kwiksilver once took refuge on the ice shelf after returning from Rockhopper Island with Sprocket.


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