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50-Megaton Deletion Nuke
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What happens when you use the bomb.
Vital statistics
Type Weapon
Effects Deletes everything within a 5 mile radius
Source Mech Rider's Workshop
Location ???
Cost to buy A million coins
Cost to sell Unsellable

The 50-Megaton Deletion Nuke is a deletion weapon of mass destruction. This nuke was invented by Mech Rider and destroys everything within a 5 mile radius. After an initial test resulting in the destruction of an old and unoccupied mining camp deep in the uncharted forests, the blueprints were shredded, thrown into the sea and eaten by a shark.


50-megaton delete nuke image

Artist's conception of the weapon.

This item was invented by Mech Rider five years ago when he was studying the properties of the deletion crystals in his workshop. Mech Rider tested the bomb on an unoccupied mining camp and saw it wiped from existence one by one. Forever terrified by the barren, lifeless, five-mile clearing rubble created by the blast, Mech Rider shredded the blueprints. Then, he ripped it up further and threw it in the sea, where the blueprints were eaten by a shark. Yet, he was never able to forget the designs for the nuke, nor its destruction. He still has it memorized and will disclose its design to anyone willing to fork over a million coins coins. He will not sell it to anyone not on the side of good. It's against his morals. He doesn't care about the money. He is payed well already.


  • No one has ever been able to buy one yet except the USA military.
  • Mech Rider is scarred by what he saw when testing the nuke. That is why he doesn't smile.
  • The nuke has since been supplanted by the KZT Triple X, which has a much larger deletion capability and can fly farther and faster.

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