Club Penguin Fan Universe

3DMakes Series is a series created by Snowtendo to upgrade several Snowtendo Vii, Snowtendo DS, and Snowtendo WaddleBoy games for release on the Snowtendo 3DS. These re-releases incorporate many important improvements. They also feature reconfigured controls to fit into the Snowtendo 3DS.


(* = launching games)


Penguin Kart 3DS, like every other Snowtendo 3DS launch title, was reviewed by Games4u (a gaming magazine) early. Games4u gave it a 7.5/10, saying it had a bad 3D effect, and was more boring than the original because of worse controls. When Games4u previewed Super Antics Galaxy 2 they gave it a "game to look forward to" score, saying it was even more fun then the original with great 3D graphics.


This is a parody of New Play Control (also known as Wii de Asobu (Wiiであそぶ; lit. Play on Wii) and WiiMakes).