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1967 Elections of Gomizok
1967 Elections of Gomizok image
Poster haged in 1967.
Vital statistics
Participants Ulaza, Lovendate, Mernisuquackquack, Eliza and Verndusu Families
Date April and May 1967
Location Gomizok Kingdom.


The Voting Sheet at the Official Voting Center.

1967 Elections of Gomizok is the only election in Gomizok Kingdom due to problems between the with the Monarch Games. The citizens urged. With the five royal families: Ulaza (new leader), Lonvendate, Mernisuquackquack, Eliza and Verdusu, together they try to win the most votes possible.

The event[]


The Voting Sheet, filled, at the Official Voting Center

After the king died of an unknown illness, the Monarch Games was held. However, there were many cheatings in the games and blahd.



The Voting Sheet at a Center in Petri Village Area of Liquivendocks Island.

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