Club Penguin Fan Universe

These are 12yz12ab's puffles.


Color: Blue

What he does:Not much,but if 12yz12ab needs some information on pranking,he does the talking.


Color: Red

What he does:Not many things but if 12yz12ab needs some information on math,he does the talking.

Hat Pop[]

Color: Yellow

What she does:Nothing,she was bought by 12yz12ab just to keep the other puffles company.

Mayor McFlapp[]

Color: White but 12yz12ab dyed a little bit of his fur black

What he does:Does all the talking for Ynneb Rotcerid (Director Benny spelled backwards).

Ynneb Rotcerid[]

Color: Yellow

What he does:He sits at the control panel keeping control of the lab.

NOTE: 12yz12ab named him this because there is already a puffle named Director Benny.