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Water Sensei.
CP Pic522
"Wise you are, for ninjas know there skills good, Fire Ice and water"
Vital statistics
Title Water Sensei
Gender Male
Race Adelie Ninja Sensei penguin.
Faction Sensei.
Health Good
Level Good
Status Helping Fisch, helping water ninjas.
Location Water Dojo.


Water Sensei who was Known as Walter As a Child is a Very Old Penguin, he is Older than Fire Sensei who is 99. He has a Strong Connection with his Brother who is currently Missing and expected to be the new Snow Sensei. In Walter's Early Days he had a Strange Like of Water. Everyone Called him Water Instead of Water, When Sensei and the Fire Sensei made up the Game Card-Battle Walter and his brother created 'Element Clash' it had the same gameplay as card-jitsu water. Sometimes Sensei and Fire would Play with them if they were bored, the Object of the game is that each player has a figure, a card with an element is placed in a line in front of all the figures each player has a deck of cards, the first player to get passes all the cards in front of them wins. After Fire Disappeared Walter and his brothers became lonely, nobody came by to Play Card-Battle or Element Clash anymore Some Years Later Breeze (who is still missing and has the reserved title of snow sensei) went to find Fire only he never returned. Walter journied over seas the find his 2 brothers while Sensei stayed home waiting for them. Many Years later Walter and Fire were found but Breeze was still missing. Sensei and Walter combined their card games to create Card-Jitsu Water, and to this day Walter trains Water Ninjas, Fish Warriors and awaits the return of the 4th and final missing brother .

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This is one of water sensei's ninjas! He is a master at water!


When not training 24/7 he is exploring Antartica or teaching ninjas the way of water.


  • He does NOT speak in haiku, though he does speak wisely and only use simproper words "Ok" "Sure" and "No problem" but very rarely.
  • Fisch and the Fish Warriors are loyal to him.
  • He is the one who trains water ninjas.
    • NOT FISH WARIRORS, real water ninjas.
  • He is in club penguin's mountains.
  • His best friend is Fisch.
  • He has a pink puffle, who is also a Water Ninja.
  • He cant be beaten unless you have your complete Water Suit or your a Fish Warrior. Just liek you cant beat Sensei unless you have a black belt.
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    This is the door to the water dojo!!!

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Preceded by
Li Sensei Li
<font-size:95%>The Position of
Sensei of Water Ninjas,

as held by Water Sensei

November 2009 - Present

Succeeded by
Fisch Possibly Fisch