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Young Sensei is Sensei at a young age. He was quite different back then, but he appearance (except for the beard) has stayed the same. He was even skilled in the Ninja Arts as a small penguin, and was already a Sensei at birth. When he was a baby, he appeared to have two bucked teeth, but which seem to disappear at the age of 11. Along with Sensei himself, his hat seem to grow along with the size of him, and started out big, but seemed to get smaller to fit his size, though this may just be the illusion that he grew, and the hat stayed the same size. He was born at the Dojo on the 23th of July, 1911. He said his first word on 4th of March, 1914. He said "Ninja". His first sentence was "What do you seek, Grasshopper?". For 13 years (starting from age 10, ending in age 23), The Young Sensei sat on his chair, and meditated...for 13 years. After that he started to practise to become the best Card-Jitsu Ninja-Master of all time. He practised for 9 years. He then decided to let others learn the way of the Ninja, because he secretly knew none would beat him. He is currently still sitting on the pillow, ready for anything, like a true ninja, or a True Sensei.

Album of Age[]

A gallery of images of Sensei through the ages.


  • At only 6 months, he starts using "words". Here they are with their meanings:
    • Hen = Hello
    • Bee = Bye
    • Za = What
    • Sel = Help
    • Parl = Pardon
    • Fow = Funny
    • Muu = Mum
    • Daa = Dad
    • Sendy = Sensei
    • Ninja = Ninja
    • Cad Jisu = Card-Jitsu