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The Three Masters
The Three Masters image
Watersei (水先生), Icesei (アイス先生), and Firesei (ファイアー先生)
Vital statistics
Title The three original Senseis, collectively "岩紙はさみ好ましいシステムではありません。".
Gender Males
Race Penguins (possibly High Penguins)
Faction Unkown
Health Deceased
Level Level 1 million on Card Jitsu
Status Deceased
Location Buried in the Mountains

The Three Masters (collectively, 岩紙はさみ好ましいシステムではありません。) were the three penguin brothers who started the training of Ninjas, and the game Card Jitsu. Like Sensei, they spoke in haikus and had beards.

Their names were Watersei, Icesei, and Firesei.


The Three Masters did not always get along. For years they argued over which element was more powerful. They did not know which was more powerful, because fire could be beaten by water, water could be beaten by ice, and ice could be beaten by fire. Because one could always beat the other they continued to argue. Then one day, Their mother gave them a set of cards. They were marked with water, fire and ice. They also were marked with numbers. They played a game with them. They called the game Card Jitsu. They played the game like this. Water beats fire, Fire beats ice, Ice beats water. The higher numbers win on ties. They started publishing the cards, and they became very popular. Then one day the king came to their house and he stamped their cards with a magic stamp. This caused the elements to be real. When they became real, snow released a snowball, water released a water balloon (bucket of water in the master's time) ,and fire released hot sauce in a can (a torch in the master's time.) the masters lived a good life, until Watersei fell to hypothermia when he was out for a walk in the mountain, and then a blizzard hit. Firesei and Icesei were heartbroken because Watersei was Icesei's big brother and Firesei's little brother. So Card-Jitsu Water was teached by both brothers for amounts of time each. Then Firesei died from age, and Icesei one day later from a fall. Now they live peaceful lives in the Ninja Sanctuary.


The ghosts of the Three Masters reside in the Ninja Sanctuary. Here they advise Sensei, True Sensei, Sensei Wraith, and suprisingly even Carlo. They also grant the Ninjas a special color by touching their forehead to match the mask and belt they recieved from Sensei.


  • It's rumored, by those who know about them, that the three masters were brothers.
  • The Three Masters began their reign durign the Penguin Empire's Collapse, but reigned mostly during The High Penguin Confederacy.
  • Coool and Firesei are a lot alike(the both like fire theate also the oldest wiered Hun!)
  • Firesei was the oldest, Snowsei was the youngest, and Watersei was in between those two.
  • They lived for two hundred sixty years. Some penguins think the Three Masters are High Penguins because of this.
  • Fire Sensei had created the Fire version of Card-Jitsu, becoming Card-Jitsu: Fire.

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as held by Firesei, Watersei, Icesei

740-1000 (seriously)

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Gung Hao Gung Hao

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