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"Mathster", Sensei's Nephew
一人は非常にスマートですコンピュータで image
"The Shogun of Software"
Vital statistics
Title 一人は非常にスマートですコンピュータで (Japanese for "Is a very smart person with a computer")
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Sensei's Nephew, aged 12
Health Excellent
Level √3.14
Status Teacher in Computing
Location Floor 30, Dorkugal

一人は非常にスマートですコンピュータで, also called "Sensei's Nephew", "Computer Master", "The Shogun of Software", and "He Who has Great Binary", is Dorkugal's greatest computer teacher.

However, most people refer to him as "Mathster", since no one can pronounce his real name.


Mathster was born to unknown parents in the Club Penguin mountains, around the same region as the Dojo. Though trained to be Sensei's successor after he died, he resented Ninjas and Card-Jitsu, and decided to turn his work-ethic toward computers and education. His cousin, Swiss Ninja was also trained to be a successor too. Each time they meet, they arge about which of them is better. Swiss Ninja thinks that Mathster is a nerd. Mathster thinks that Swiss Ninja is a show off.

At age eleven, he earned his Quadruple Diploma in Computing, thus having more credentials than Fred in this field.

He is renowned for his intelligence and skill. Like Sensei, he is the best in his respective field. He also speaks in a similar accent to Sensei, and has a similar manner of communication.


Mathster resides on Floor Thirty of Dorkugal's Wooden Skyscraper. Four fifths of this level are used as a training/learning center for students learning computers under Mathster.


  • Curta Jobs (from A Thanksgiving Carol) earned his diploma from Mathster's teachings, as well as Billy Fence I.
  • It is rumored that Mathster is helping create a cure for Fat. It's just a rumor though.
  • Mathster and Coool31 are a force to be reckoned with.
  • His company draws in millions upon millions of stock and cash. Bill Gate$ is planning to buy his company.
  • Mathster is secretly jealous of Swiss Ninja because he founded three cities.

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