Club Penguin Fan Universe

இ image
இ? AHHH!
Vital statistics
Type Weapon of bass desctruction
Effects Makes anything in contact a Zombie Pengu
Source ???
Location ???
Cost to buy N/A (who knows?)
Cost to sell

A is a powerful substance that can turn any living or dead animal (even Mabel) into a Zombie Pengu. It is found in dark, scary, creepy, haunted caves. Only one penguin has found it. They threw it at someone, who later squished them.


The இ is a weird piece of modern art, with three large rectangular prisms connected to each other via red PVC pipes. No one knows how it works, but it somehow turns people into Zombie Pengus. It also has many more powers that are currently unknown.


  • It is unknown who discovered it.
  • It can be used 13 times before it wears out.
  • Zalgo invented it to take over this universe....

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