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Hall Мoderαтor
Inhale spheres
Vital statistics
Title Walrus Hall Monitor
Gender Male
Race Walrus (species)
Faction He likes spheres.
Health Decent.
Level V = (4/3)πR^3
Status Inhaling spheres and helping Walruses navigate the Walrus Warehouse.
Location Walrus Warehouse

Hall Мoderαтor is an oddly round Walrus, as round as a ball. He seems to possess mystical vacuum powers, as he can inhale spheres up to 1.5 times his size. Мoderαтor loves to inhale spheres and thinks that the CPFW does as well.

His catchprase is "THIS WIKI INHALES SPHERES". It was his first sentance in Antarctica. He said it seven times before he joined the Walrus Crime Ring.


Мoderαтor has a shrouded past. He was the first Walrus of 2010. In other words, Мoderαтor was the first Walrus to come into Antarctica in the new year.

According to other Walruses, Мoderαтor was born about ten years back, and was so round that he travelled by rolling. He literally inhaled his food as a pup, and ate enough to feed two Walruses in one sitting. As he grew, he became a bit less round, but nonetheless could still travel fast by rolling.

He discovered that he could inhale spheres, and began to do so for fun. He often stole souvinier baseballs from the RVs of tourists who brought stuff with them. In fact, he stole a lot of balls in his time. He claims that baseballs taste the best of all sports equipment.


Мoderαтor memorized the rules and codes of his homeland, and after being recruited, he helepd enforce Walrus creeds and rose in the ranks of the Ring. This skill landed him a job as a "Walrus cop" of sorts. He never participates in raids, he stays behind and upkeeps the Warehouse.

He was named Hall Monitor of the Walrus Warehouse. He directs lost Walruses to their appropriate destinations and polices Walruses who break the Ring's rules. His salary is paid entirely in baseballs.


  • Мoderαтor does not have a last name, it is simply Мoderαтor.
  • The walrus knows EVERYTHING about spheres. He knows their surface area, their volume, moment of inertia (depending on whether they're hollow or not), their equations on a 3-dimensional Cartensian coordinate system... some say he knows more about spheres than Fred does.
  • He is rumored to be immune to the curse of the Big Balls, due to his mastery of spheres.

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