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$ϾɾəəȠ image
$ϾɾəəȠ's Player Card
Vital statistics
Title $ϾɾəəȠ
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction Evil
Health 100%
Level 000
Status Evil
Location Unknown

$ϾɾəəȠ (Screen) is an evil penguin who has caused many fights in the past. He is part of the Str00del Force. Currently he is in Owcatraz, cursing revenge on his father. His perogative was to steal Metalmanager's Crown to make himself Prince of the Romans. He eventually suceeded, but Metalmanager stopped him and banished him in Owcatraz forever. 


Screen was born to Str!ng and G0SH on December 25, 1990. Ever since Screen was born, he was interested in being part of an army. When he turned 10, G0SH died in a tragic battle, being killed by the Romans. This made Screen hate the Romans his whole life. When Screen turned 15, he joined the group The Vikings, which was an army that was made to destroy the Romans and wipe out all evil from the world. However, Screen began to spy on the Romans and eventually considered the fact that the Romans werre much more civilized than the Vikings. At the age of 17, Screen left the Viking army and attempted to join the Romans, but Metalmanager drove him away and told him to stay out forever. He eventually found the Str00del Force, who happily accepted him.

After being part of the Str00del Force for 3 years, in 2010, Screen convinced the Str00del Force to destroy the Romans to avenge his mother. They managed to attack the Romans and kill many of them. Screen ran up to the top of the Roman Building to try and attack Metalmanager and steal his crown to become king. However, Metalmanager threw him out the window, breaking both his legs. Screen had to be in a wheelchair for 1 year, but as soon as he was able to move again, he attacked the Romans again, this time on his own. When Metalmanager fell asleep, Screen stole Metalmanager's crown and became King of the Romans. The next morning, Metalmanager was gone.

By 2012, the Vikings began to attack the Romans, now that they were stronger. Their leader, Str!ng went up to the top to attack Metalmanager when he encountered Screen. Str!ng was disappointed in his son for joining such an army, and the two fought. Quickly, Metalmanager returned from his false imprisoning in Owcatraz to encounter Screen and Str!ng fighting. Metalmanager stole back Screen's crown and imprisoned him in Owcatraz forever. Str!ng was invited to become a member of the Romans, and he happily accepted.

To this day, Screen is in Owcatraz, cursing revenge on his father. He knows that it is not time to attack the Romans again, but he has other plans in mind...


  • He eventually suceeded in becoming King of the Romans, to many's surprise.
  • He is smart but at times can be very stupid.
  • His favorite drink is orange juice.
  • His name is pronounced "Screen"

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