Recording Industry Association of Antarctic Countries
TypeMusic chart certification
FoundedJanuary 13, 2010
HeadquartersNeo Domino City, UnitedTerra
Area servedAntarctica
Key peopleDJ Crow, President & CEO
Yusei, Designer
Akiza Atlus, Presenter
IndustryMusic chart certification
Revenue UTD; 227 million (2010)
Operating income UTD; 74.2 million (2010)
Net income UTD; 74,000 (2010)

The RIAAC, Recording Industry Association of Arctic Countries, awards certification based on the numbers of albums or singles sold through online/physical stores or through IceTunes.

List of Certifications

These are the lists of certifications given by the RIAAC.

For Albums

  • Gold Album: 500,000 units
  • Platinum Album: 1,000,000 units
  • Multi-Platinum Album: 2,000,000 units
  • Diamond Album: 10,000,000 units

For Singles

  • Gold: When it ships 500,000 copies.
  • Platinum: When it ships 1,000,000 copies.
  • Double Platinum: When it ships 2,000,000 copies.
  • Triple Platinum: When it ships 3,000,000 copies.


  • All apply for both, digital and non-digital single sales.
  • If there are more sales, the number increases: if there are 4,000,000 copies, it goes "4× Platinum".
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