HeadquartersClub Penguin
Area servedUSA
IndustryPuffle accessories
Revenue USP; 500,000 (2009)
Operating income USP; 20,000 (2009)

Puff-Mart is a discount store chain all in USA. It's a mall where you can buy puffle things.


In the 1950s a penguin of unknown name along with a group of penguins started P-Mart which changed to Puff-Mart in 1956. Since then it's been selling Puffles, Puffle-Os, Puffle toys and other stuff. The Pet Shop on Club Penguin Island signed a contract with Puff-Mart. Since then the two companies have been working in harmony.



The picture on the right is the entrance of many stores. It used to have 15 Isles but now has between 17 and 25 Isles. There were toilets, an Information/Office room, a large store at the back and a car park that can have 180 cars. The Puff-House® was where the puffles were kept.


See Above.


  • Puffle Toys
  • Puffles
  • Puffle-Os
  • Berry-Os
  • Hot sauce
  • Puffle Beds
  • Feeding things
  • Other animals (like fish)


  • This is a parody of Kmart.
  • There are Puffle training classes in the hall.
  • No one knows who started the franchise.

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