Pirates at the Beach
HeadquartersShiverpool, Antarctic Peninsula
Area servedSeaport, Downtown
Key peopleFreecie1 (Owner), Random Penguin Man (Manager)
IndustryFish, Fast-food restaurant
Revenue USP; 50,000
Operating income USP; 2,000 (2009)
Net income USP; 10

Pirates at the Beach is the most popular not-from-another-city restaurant in Shiverpool, Antarctic Peninsula. It has only two branches: the main branch at the port itself and a secondary branch downtown. It was founded by Freecie1 in 2008 and has opened their second branch in 2009. It plans on expending widescale throughout the whole of Antarctic Peninsula. It is rated 4 stars by Booyah! Reviews recently, which may cause their position to be dropped.

It so happens that pirates, like Rockhopper, are among the most common customers here. Most penguins drop by here, hoping to see Rockhopper if he ever comes here unexpectedly. More than fifty thousand penguins have met Rockhopper at the restaurant, a whooping amount for a restaurant that small!


It was built by Freecie1 when he returned to Shiverpool. Freecie convinced a penguin to help run t restaurant for him. It used to have only 10 tables, then 34, then 45, when popularity had increased. Freecie1 sometimes comes back to check on it, being the owner.



  1. the bar
  2. tables
  3. mini arcade
  4. the booth


costumers, employees, puffles


  1. robbers
  2. burger fling


  1. double patty
  2. USA burger
  3. polka pola
  4. kelpo drink
  5. pufflle cookie

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