The official 'Missions' logo, designed in 2009.
Vital statistics
Start Mission 1
End Mission 75
Prerequisites Must go to designated stations.
Level Possibly from the age of 5 to 60.
Location Varies.
Rewards Varies.
Previous Next
-Incumbent- Under planning

Missions are collabartively a series of missions, similar to that of the PSA, which was organized by Lord McNied 'for the fun'. There will be a total of 75 'missions', 7 of which has already been planned and activitated. The management of the Missions (company) is located in a building in Farbarshisher, Sherby Hoodwounds.



Lord McNied, a fourth-wall breaker, knows about the Club Penguin that exists in your world. He enjoyed the missions there, and wanted to bring the idea to Antarctica. Therefore, he, along with a team of developers, decided to make 'missions' based on the ones in the game CP. It took some time, but 5 of them were eventually ready in 2008.

It released a further two more in 2009. It later annouced it would be making missions for one whole year, so no new missions would be released.

They had recently annouced that it would be released on July 24.


The company that manages the missions (which contains all the developers and Lord McNied) was formed in May 2009, so that organizing missions would be easier. Although it did not earn money, Lord McNied was able to use advertising to do so, especially on its building. He decided to lessen the workspace by selling units to other companies. The company, Missions Ltd., commenced operations on June that year.


Mission Ltd. executives and Lord McNied, CEO, discussed the possible idea of a successor. As they had already developed 60 more missions, they were planning on having a successor. They decided to name it 'Project New Mission' for the while being. The project commenced on June the 5th, 2010.

List of 'Missions'

Includes location and description.


In Storage

  • Mission 8


  • Mission 65

Under Development

  • Mission 66
  • Mission 67
  • Mission 68

Under Planning

  • Mission 69
  • Mission 70

On Hold

  • Mission 71


  • Mission 75

Operation of Missions

How the mission works? Its a secret for now. However, the company said that, along with commencing new missions on July 24, they will also annouce to the public about how their missions work. The only thing penguins know is that they have to wear 'special binoculars'...


Mission Ltd.
FoundedMay 15, 2009
HeadquartersFarbarshisher, Sherby Hoodwounds
Area servedContienentally
Key peopleLord McNied (CEO, Chairman), Mission Executive Operations Manager (Operations Manager)
Revenue USP; 500 thousand (2009)
Operating income USP; NONE (2009)
Net income USP; 100 thousand (2009)

Mission Ltd. is the official company for managing Missions. Located in Farbarshisher of Sherby Hoodwounds, its headquarters is only 1 floor long, from 3 floors, of Farbarshisher Office Tower 31. It used to have 100 employees but the number decreased to only 30.

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